Book Reveals for GRP March-2022

Its time to reveal the Books the members of “The ReadARs Club” will be reading as part of Guided Reading Program from Monday, 21st March 2022

I selected “The 5 Second Rule” because I want my ReadARs to go all-in on Being Courageous. Nobody teaches Courage. Everyone assumes that one can be courageous when situation demands. Unfortunately that’s not true. Most people live their life, afraid of being Courageous, afraid of asking what they deserve.

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant is the One book I want all my ReadARs to read in 2022.

Step 1 — Select the Book that you want to read. You can select only ONE book.

Step 2 — Order the Book TODAY ASAP

Before Ordering from Amazon remember —

A. Do not order from “lowest priced seller”. You will not get the book in time and to make matters worse, you will get a pirated book

B. Buy from “Prime Seller”uRead_Store or Cloudtail_India

C. Almanack of Naval Ravikant is freely available as a PDF or .epub on

Please note that this is NOT CASUAL PIRACY. Naval & Eric Jorgensen have made the book available for open distribution.

If you want to order a paperback version, follow A & B

D. Order the Hardcover Version of the 5 Second Rule

Book Links for 5 Second Rule

uRead_Store – Price Rs 540/-
Cloudtail_India – Price Rs 574/-
Order from Cloudtail India to get it at Rs 150/- ONLY!!!

Step 3 — After you have ordered your book, join the Whatsapp Group of the respective book you have ordered. The Group Link is available on “The ReadARs Club”


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