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  • Let’s Read Socially!

    Let’s Read Socially!

    Let’s read Socially. Do Epic Shit & Get Epic Shit Done. Two of the easiest books to Read. Yet their full potential will be harnessed when we don’t read them alone.

  • 1st Book Reveal for Cohort-22

    Its time to reveal the first book that all of you wonderful ReadARs of Cohort-22 will read as we move on from Level-1 to Level-2 from Monday, 28th March 2022 I selected “Atomic Habits” because — I want all of you to go all-in with your Reading Habits. As you read and unravel the insights…

  • Book Reveals for GRP March-2022

    Its time to reveal the Books the members of “The ReadARs Club” will be reading as part of Guided Reading Program from Monday, 21st March 2022 I selected “The 5 Second Rule” because I want my ReadARs to go all-in on Being Courageous. Nobody teaches Courage. Everyone assumes that one can be courageous when situation…