1st Book Reveal for Cohort-22

Its time to reveal the first book that all of you wonderful ReadARs of Cohort-22 will read as we move on from Level-1 to Level-2 from Monday, 28th March 2022

I selected “Atomic Habits” because —

I want all of you to go all-in with your Reading Habits.
As you read and unravel the insights from Atomic Habits, you will rack your brain into thinking mode so as to apply the learnings to your Reading Habits.

AH is one of the highest sold nonfiction books of all-time. No book has ever sold 7 million+ copies before their 5th Anniversary.

It’s one of the simplest nonfiction books that you’ll ever read. We will increase the challenge, one book at a time 🙂

For your 1st book – I will encourage you to buy a physical book so that the reading techniques, frameworks & styles could be easily applied.

Please note that I discourage Casual Piracywhere people conveniently download a PDF copy of the book from scrupulous websites & Telegram Channels. Buying an actual book is our way of giving token of regards to the writer for his years of hard work that goes into publishing a book.

Please follow the next steps so that you get an original version of the book. If you are ordering a book online from Amazon/Flipkart, there are 6/10 chances that you will end up having a pirated book from an illicit seller.

Points to remember before placing an order for a Book from Amazon —

Step 1 — Choose Amazon over Flipkart. Ensures quicker delivery. Flipkart does a very poor job when it comes to buying books. Quite Ironic that Flipkart, which started by delivering Books, has lost its way.

Step 2 Order with an Amazon Prime account. Free & Speedy delivery of books.

Step 3 — Do not order from “lowest priced seller”. You will – (a) not get the book in time and to make matters worse, (b) you are likely to get a pirated book, especially for a megaseller book like AH

Step 4 — Buy from “Prime Seller” – to get original books.

The two Prime Sellers on Amazon are uRead_Store or Cloudtail_India

In case of Atomic Habits, its not showing me any other seller on my browser than “Cloudtail India” which is a good thing.

Here’s the Amazon link I am pasting here for you

Endnote – I prefer to buy books from an Independent Book Store. An Indie Book Store is not the likes of Crossword etc. Example of Indie Book Stores in some of Cities of India

MumbaiKitab Khana, Fort; Granth Book Store, Juhu; Majestic Book Depot, Thane

PunePagdandi, Baner ; Solanki Booksellers, Camp

BangaloreBlossoms Book House, Church Street; Champaca; Vasanth Nagar

DelhiBahrisons & Faqir Chand & Sons, Khan Market; Oxford Bookstore, Connaught Place

Chennai – Higginbothams, Triplicane; Words & Worths, Besant Nagar

But when time is a constraint like in your case or when I know I wont be able to visit them maybe until next 3-4 weeks and I need the book before that, I choose to buy them online.


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