What all do I need to have to join?
You can join in from anywhere on this planet & even from Mars :P.
We have had readers who joined us from US, UK & Singapore as well in the past. All that is required is a smartphone, a data connection, WhatsApp & your desire to get better by 1% each day.

What all kind of articles will be covered?
Articles will cover a variety of domains and topics like – tech, finance, self-improvement, culture, business, food, society, decision-making, story-telling, curiosity, history, design etc.

Why do you start with Articles and why not books?
First things first, it’s a misconception to say that you become a reader only by reading books. That’s not true. With the proliferation of internet in our lives, the internet has become the go-to resource to read freely available articles & benefit from the knowledge being shared across.
Secondly, a lot of people dive into the world of self-help books straight away. They make a great start, and leave the book halfway. There’s literally a term for it – “Tsundoku”.

Therefore we have created a 3 Level Journey of a ReadAR

Level 1 – Basic – 3 Months
Level 2 – Intermediate – 100 Days
Level 3 – Advanced – 3 Months
Level 1 is all about making you consistent. This is achieved through sharing an amazing article each day with 10-15 mins reading span and an associated question/action item for the reader. (this encourages writing and critical thinking). L1 also includes coaching sessions and workshops at 21 days intervals.
Level 2 is to capitalize on that very consistency & double our learning by entering into the world of self-help books. This is achieved through the combination of three phenomenal books which I call as basic book stack. Level 2 is where each of my ReadAR, realizes that the change is beginning to make great things happen for them. L2 also includes reading hangouts at the mid & end of each book.
Level 3 is for readers & fans of my processes who would love to stay around and want to read 3 advanced level books along with the rest of the group. Each L3 participant gets lifetime access to “The ReadARs Community” on WA

Why should I pay when these articles are available for free?
The fee being charged is for the service that is being provided in helping you create a daily reading habit; for the 1V1 coaching that is being provided to keep you at it; the workshops cum hangouts; for the community of 10 ReadARs along with whom you will build your habits & a lot more… Do you have any such existing system?

I want to join but you are over-priced.
The problem is never in the price. If you can’t invest in yourself to create a lifelong habit that will change you forever, then you might need to refresh your approach here.

90 Days of L1 involves
3 1V1 coaching sessions
3 Workshops
90 Days of community based interactions
& 90 Days of my direct involvement to help you build a consistent habit, overcome procrastination & take meaningful actions in your life that take you 1% closer to your dreams/desires each day.

If this still looks overpriced, then I am sorry to say that I can’t help you. Thank you for your time. If ever you refresh your approach, you know where & how to contact me. 🙂

What if I am travelling?
No worries. You can always activate your “away/snooze mode”. However, I will encourage you to keep them to as minimum as possible since the break disrupts the flow of the habit that you’re trying to form.

Are these pre-recorded sessions?
Yes off late, we have seen proliferation of trainers who have pre-recorded content that they are selling through webinars at throwaway prices (& 95% discount) using the concept of ‘economies of scale’.
This is NOTHING like that. This is an experiential journey to build your habits. And

Why don’t you do a 5 day workshop or 21/30 Days challenges?
First things first, these 21/30 days challenges are nothing more than being marketing gimmicks. I am not here to help you achieve goals in life. I am here to build systems in your life. I believe in the motto – “Goals fail, Systems never.” And if you don’t have time to build your habits, this is not the right place to be 🙂

Don’t see your question above? Ask us and we will get back to you.