29-30 Jan’22 Weekend Reads

Curated by AR for the ReadARs

One of the most common ask of the ReadARs in the end of the year 2021 feedback form was to be able to read articles on the weekends.

The weekend cover-up days usually resulted in backfiring on one major fronts — The diligent ReadARs, who had no reading portion to cover-up, were having their reading momentum broken.

Thus starts from this weekend, for all the upcoming weekends of 2022, the Weekend Reads Column.

Here’s the format I would like you to follow –

Read any one article (from the choice of 3)

After reading, post in the comments as follows –

  • Which article you read (for my reference)
  • Drop a 2-line summary (for your retention)

Here we go then —

Article A – Feel free to stop striving: learn to relish being an amateur


Article B – How the Ballpoint Pen killed the Cursive


Article C – 10 Things That Helped Maria Popova Build A Multi-Million Blog Audience


Bonus Read – The Two Best Ways to Win at Wordle


That’s all folks.

Next weekend reads will land first thing in your inbox on Saturday morning 🙂


One response to “29-30 Jan’22 Weekend Reads”

  1. I read Article C.

    Some of the points mentioned in the article aligns with James Clear’s tips on creating habits. Working on something that is self satisfying can yield much better results in the longer run than working on something which might just be a fleeting attraction.

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