The ReadARs Club Elite

Time has arrived for all of us to chart out the next leg of the Growth Journey as members of The ReadARs Club

Introducing to all of you — The ReadARs Club Elite.

Here’s how Elite would be a game-changer for the ReadARs —


A topic specific cohort ranging between 2-4 weeks.

Great Readers Write — 4 Week Mini-Cohort designed to help Readers level-up their Reading Game via the power of Writing, coupled along with Accountability and Audience-driven metrics.

Atomic Learning — 4 Week Mini-Cohort designed to help you level-up your skillsets by learning every day through the Self-Paced Courses.

Habit Tracking 2.0 — Yes I was wrong to not continue further with the erstwhile Habit Tracking Group. I am resuming it with a pledge that I will keep making the entire process of Habit Tracking more effective every month.


1-2 hour workshops spaced intermittently

Read — Better, Faster, Smarter

Continuous Learning Program to refresh & enhance your Reading skills. Total of 12 Workshops that lie in store for the ReadARs.

DG — Build your Digital Garden

Call it Digital Garden or call it Second Brain. 2023 is a year where I want all the ReadARs to compulsorily build one of their own. Even if it inefficient (and it will be); even if it is not beautiful (Great Gardens don’t get built overnight)

EATS — Manage Energy, Attention, Time & Smartphone Better.

Guest Events

Earlier this year, I called in Sathya & Jill Metcalfe to deliver their keynotes on Mind-Maps & Notion at the ReadARs Annual Summit

Well I am doubling-up on that.

I will be leveraging my connections & invite them as external speakers to deliver a keynote on topics that matter to each of us.

Oh yes! I intend to get Authors to join in & Elite members would get to be a part of it.

Get Paid!

Who here would hate to make some money to buy all the wonderful books from? I wouldn’t.

Get Paid to be an Alumni Guide

Get Paid to play official roles.

Get Paid as an Affiliate & get your friends/connections join into the Reading Habits Cohorts

Curious to know the Schedule of Mini-Cohorts, Workshops & Guest Events. Here you go 👇

Let’s address the Elephant in the Room — Pricing

Membership will be valid for one year effective from 01-01-2023 till 31-12-2023

I intend to open-up The ReadARs Club Elite for the world outside this year. Their pricing will be 2X the pricing tier of the ReadARs.

If you are game-on for being part of The ReadARs Club Elite, DM me on Whatsapp so that I could initiate the Onboarding Process for you.

If you don’t feel like paying for one year membership —

I will be moving you out of TRC and will be subsequently adding you to a low-noise channel (tentatively called The ReadARs Hub)

The purpose of this channel is so that you don’t lose touch with your identity as a Reader. This channel will also have Free GRPs occasionally.

We have only got 3 days left in this 2022.

Ample Time to make one decision for your 2023.

Whatever it is, Let me know.

Any queries – Ask me Directly or Ask me in the Group. But Ask 🙂


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  1. Please consider my Nomination for the Elite Club ReadARs Group.

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