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The ReadARs Club Elite

ReadARs Club 2.0 has arrived. Are you game for this game-changer?

Time has arrived for all of us to chart out the next leg of the Growth Journey as members of The ReadARs Club

Introducing to all of you — The ReadARs Club Elite.

Here’s how Elite would be a game-changer for the ReadARs —


A topic specific cohort ranging between 2-4 weeks.

Great Readers Write — 4 Week Mini-Cohort designed to help Readers level-up their Reading Game via the power of Writing, coupled along with Accountability and Audience-driven metrics.

Atomic Learning — 4 Week Mini-Cohort designed to help you level-up your skillsets by learning every day through the Self-Paced Courses.

Habit Tracking 2.0 — Yes I was wrong to not continue further with the erstwhile Habit Tracking Group. I am resuming it with a pledge that I will keep making the entire process of Habit Tracking more effective every month.


1-2 hour workshops spaced intermittently

Read — Better, Faster, Smarter

Continuous Learning Program to refresh & enhance your Reading skills. Total of 12 Workshops that lie in store for the ReadARs.

DG — Build your Digital Garden

Call it Digital Garden or call it Second Brain. 2023 is a year where I want all the ReadARs to compulsorily build one of their own. Even if it inefficient (and it will be); even if it is not beautiful (Great Gardens don’t get built overnight)

EATS — Manage Energy, Attention, Time & Smartphone Better.

Guest Events

Earlier this year, I called in Sathya & Jill Metcalfe to deliver their keynotes on Mind-Maps & Notion at the ReadARs Annual Summit

Well I am doubling-up on that.

I will be leveraging my connections & invite them as external speakers to deliver a keynote on topics that matter to each of us.

Oh yes! I intend to get Authors to join in & Elite members would get to be a part of it.

Get Paid!

Who here would hate to make some money to buy all the wonderful books from? I wouldn’t.

Get Paid to be an Alumni Guide

Get Paid to play official roles.

Get Paid as an Affiliate & get your friends/connections join into the Reading Habits Cohorts

Curious to know the Schedule of Mini-Cohorts, Workshops & Guest Events. Here you go 👇

Let’s address the Elephant in the Room — Pricing

Membership will be valid for one year effective from 01-01-2023 till 31-12-2023

I intend to open-up The ReadARs Club Elite for the world outside this year. Their pricing will be 2X the pricing tier of the ReadARs.

If you are game-on for being part of The ReadARs Club Elite, DM me on Whatsapp so that I could initiate the Onboarding Process for you.

If you don’t feel like paying for one year membership —

I will be moving you out of TRC and will be subsequently adding you to a low-noise channel (tentatively called The ReadARs Hub)

The purpose of this channel is so that you don’t lose touch with your identity as a Reader. This channel will also have Free GRPs occasionally.

We have only got 3 days left in this 2022.

Ample Time to make one decision for your 2023.

Whatever it is, Let me know.

Any queries – Ask me Directly or Ask me in the Group. But Ask 🙂

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