Notion & ReadARs

It took me a while to adopt Notion.

Back in 2020, I had estimated that Notion will grow into something big.

But until 2022 arrived, I couldn’t move my arse out of the comfort zone of using basic note-making apps.

2022 was when I began using Notion.

In 2023, I am doubling my usage of Notion.

To share my knowledge with my beloved community of ReadARs, I am kickstarting a series of sessions on Notion.

Session 1 — 18th January at 9 PM IST
Session 2 — 19th January at 9 PM IST

Sign-up for these sessions here 👇

5 years from now, every big corporate organization will be using Notion.

Why not you get started way ahead of them
(& before you are forced to adopt it)


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