The 1 Charge Rule

The ultimate hack to control your mobile addiction/ overuse

“1CR — The 1 Charge Rule.”

You can only charge your phone once overnight.

After you wake up, you only have 100% of the battery on your phone to last for the entire day.

You cannot put your phone on charging.
You cannot use a power bank, either.
(Unless extremely necessary)

I’ve experimented with this Rule for the last two weeks.

And I am never going back to my old ways.

I started each day with 100% battery and, on average, had ~30% battery left by EoD.

And I use a 3.5-year-old OnePlus 7

What makes this hack work?

By adding artificial constraints into your routine.

When you have something in limited quantity, you are likely to use it wisely.

You curb unnecessary expenses when you know your bank accounts are running dry.

You drive your car in economy mode when the fuel tank is low.

Bonus benefits of this hack —

  1. I kept my WiFi & Mobile Data switched off while in Deep Work Mode. It stopped app notifications from disrupting my focus.
  2. I kept my phone on Battery Saver Mode. It stopped background apps from using my data and battery unnecessarily (also stops them from invading your privacy)
  3. I saved money, too – especially from the likes of Swiggy & Zomato – who time their notifications just around the time we start feeling hungry.

You can use 1CR when you are commuting to & from work. Even when you are travelling – this will stop you from doomscrolling and instead explore the beauty of mother nature around you.

What hacks do you use to control your mobile usage?

Will you be giving 1 Charge Rule a try? Let me know in the comment section.

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2 responses to “The 1 Charge Rule”

  1. Aziz Basha avatar
    Aziz Basha

    Absolutely straight from the Practical Common Sense AR, I loved the write up it sounds very Practical saving energy time distraction and endless loop in the Background to recharge the Phones. Also help save a lot of Notifications and Constant Distraction from the Zillions of Apps on the Best Devices you might have In this Universe. Thank you so much for Sharing.

  2. Abhay Garg avatar
    Abhay Garg

    Nice strategy. Thanks for sharing!

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