Hey ReadARs — It’s time to Self-Read

First things first – This article reaches you few days late. Sincere apologies for that. I’ve been travelling in the state of Himachal Pradesh & haven’t been able to put time to write (Makes me wonder how travel bloggers write amidst the nature’s beauty)

It goes without saying that my biggest project of 2022 for all the ReadARs is to work on our PKM aka Personal Knowledge Management.

And its starts with “Getting Things Done” from 13th June

But before that, I want you to challenge yourself to self-read one of these books.

You can read one of these or anything of your own choice. But please ensure that it’s a light, short read.

Our goal is to Read GTD and these books are warm-ups for it.

Fiction —

A. Animal Farm by George Orwell

Perfect small book that will leave you mesmerised for life. A fun, deep read about all things life & politics.

This will be my preferred choice for you to read on your own.

Buy it here

Non-Fiction —

B. Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

If you still prefer to confine yourself to nonfiction, then this is the short, quick read that will reinforce your understanding about the power of compounding and how it correlates to your life.

Buy it here

Points to Remember while you Self-Read

A. Order your book ASAP 🙂

B. Finish your book before 11th June.

C. Work on your Reading Routine as you read by yourself so that you read your book everyday. This is a warm-up for GTD and thus you need to build in your resilience NOW before we start reading that incredible book.

D. Create your own Daily Portions. Divide it either by 10/15 pages a day format or divide it Chapter Wise (preferred for Nonfiction)

Ensure that you do this division before you start reading the book. Make a daily portion index card or write the same on your Readers Journal. Each day you read that portion, mark a tick against it. This keeps one on-track the most when self-reading.

E. If you finish the 1st, you can read the 2nd too. 🙂
But wrap it up before 11th June.

F. Don’t forget to buy “Getting Things Done” too.
Buy it Here

Go ahead & self-read.
Good Luck. 🙂

Any questions, ASK ME right away on Group or DMs


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  1. Puneet avatar

    Thats a wonderful step Aniket. I dint know at one level we have to read books on own. But reading books in group has been a way of understanding different readers perspective on the same book. Yes, I do agree that one cannot depend onto a cue always to make sure the Reading habit has become a daily ritual!

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