Do you want to Read Books Every Day

Have you got a pile of books lying unread?

Have you not been able to find time to read books?

You know the importance of Reading Books
But each time you try to build a Habit of Reading,
Your professional & personal commitments take priority
and leave you with no bandwidth to from forming a Habit?

The best time to create a Daily Reading Habit is NOW.
The best way to create it is HERE!

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With the ReadARs,

For the Readers

ReadARs Community
is here to solve all of these problems
by coaching you to Read Every Day.

Do you find reading nonfiction/self-help books difficult or boring as you didn’t know the right way to read them?

255 ReadARs in 24 Cohorts
formed an Efficient & Effective Habit
of Reading Books Everyday

With my Cohort-based course, you will –

  • Form a Habit of Reading every day.
  • Read with Purpose.
  • Increase your Reading Speed by 4x!
  • Learn different techniques & frameworks to read efficiently & effectively.
  • Eliminate Poor Practices that slow you down and make it difficult for you to Understand.
  • Improve your Reading Comprehension
  • Read with a Community with whom you can have engaging conversations & thought-provoking discussions.

With my Cohort-based course, you will improve not just your Reading Habits but Transfrom yourself & Accelerate your Career –

  • Write better
  • Enhance your Memory
  • Become Consistent as a Person
  • Overcome Mobile & Social Media Tech Addiction
  • Be focused in a World full of Distracted People
  • Compound faster than Stocks or Crypto by Investing in Yourself & enriching your key skills.

Every ReadAR begins their journey with a combo of Level 1 & Level 2

The Reading Habits
Cohort-based Course includes –

  1. LiveWorkshops & Short Video Modules to help you learn
    1. Different techniques to Read Better, Smarter & Faster.
    2. Become an Active Reader who uses different styles & Frameworks
    3. Unlearn old methods you learnt at school that have become roadblocks between you and consistent reading routines.
    4. Gain value-added insights on building Habits that last forever.
  2. Access to the 4-month cohort-based course program, the daily content to read & the knowledge+wisdom shared by fellow ReadARs, who are on the same journey to become a Daily Reader like you.
  3. My expert guidance as a coach to help you optimise your daily schedule and create impact oriented routines.
  4. Mid-week Office Hours on Thursday.
    (08:30 PT, 11:30 ET; 16:30 GMT & 22:00 IST)
    (Note — Office Hours come into effect after Day 70)
  5. Anytime assistance on any issue you might encounter as well as optional 1:1 coaching/mentoring.

This is NOT a “pre-recorded self-paced learning course” where after you have purchased the course, no one bothers if you learn from it!

This is a Cohort-based Course wherein you will learn from me directly for the entire 4 month duration!
(How cool is that 🙂)

The transformation that’s achieved through the Mother of All Habits – Reading can’t be defined by mere metrics.

It can only be experienced by becoming that transformation story yourselves.

I run small cohorts with less than 20 participants so that I can give my personal attention to you, to help you overcome the challenges that are always going to come in your journey of building a daily reading habit & guide you to ultimate glory.

Wondering how will you “Make Time” to create a daily reading habit, here’s the best part –

Each ReadAR spends only
15-20 mins each day to read world-class content that helps them form the habit of reading.

Just 1% of their day.
Yes that’s it.

You and I have those 15 mins every day to invest in building this
game-changing habit that
can change your life, forever!

But only few will take that first action, that one small step to sign-up.

Will you be that person?

Or will you let this opportunity go away and end up being one more thing that gets added into the pile of unfinished plans, unachieved goals & broken resolutions.

You Decide

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Here’s are some of the testimonials…

Not only did they become consistent, but they also were able to improve their concentration; reading speed; vocabulary; create meaningful habits; enhance their productivity & take better decisions in life.

Early-bird Enrolments for Cohort-24 are NOW OPEN. APPLY NOW! 👇

Taking Action is the only way
to bring changes to your present
for a wonderful future.

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Still not convinced?
Here are some more testimonials

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If you have scrolled down to this line,
I know that you do care about reading.

I want to help you fight & win back precious time so that you can add this beautiful habit to your life routine
& finish those unread books in your personal library.

Click below to get in touch with me & rest assured, I will do everything that it takes to help you form a Daily Reading Habit

P.S – The Habit of Reading will not only compound your knowledge, transform your life but also make you stand out from the crowd. (Simply because no one else is Reading)

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