2019 Testimonials

ReadARs who completed 200 Days of Reading Challenge

Learnt a lot during these 200 days. The topics were varied and that’s what kept me interested. We often tend to read about specific topics, but this reading challenge made me go beyond my comfort zone. The articles were very well chosen. It was a great experience discussing the articles with the other members as well. – Nikita Punjabi, CA

The articles are very varied. Each article is different and informative in its own way. Anyone who wants to read something different and refreshing, as well as new, should take up this Challenge. – Mahendra Chorotiya, Barclays

My resolution for 2019 was to read one book a month. Well, it started off really nicely but in the month of March I gave up. Then when Aniket messaged me about the reading group I was really intrigued and decided to be a part of the group because I would atleast read something useful a day. But to my surprise, this exercise not only improved my reading skills but I got to expand my reading genre. Now, I no more skip the sports section while reading the newspaper nor do I roll my eyes when something related to finance pops in front of my eyes. – Nishita Upadhyay, Barclays

ReadARs who completed 150 Days of Reading Challenge

When it came to reading on my own, I had limited it only to the specific genre. However, this reading challenge introduced me to the topics I had never even imagined to explore. The variety of articles was so wide that I used to wait for the mornings as eagerly as a gelato fan would wait for the new flavor. Systematic communication, timely appreciations/warnings always kept us on our toes. This reading challenge has become my daily chore. I can’t imagine a day without it. – Shruti Channagiri, Co-Founder, Hirameki

Earlier it was difficult for me to read a book entirely, The articles helped me to read a new topic every day altogether and developed the habit of finishing something when started reading. This has in turn helped me read two books in the last quarter. This is a very useful platform to begin reading from scratch. – Jaishree Tembhurne, Barclays

It was a great experience and lots of new learning as well. Articles shared gave me a different perspective . It is worth the investment of your time and energy. I can definitely say that I have become better person than I was before starting this reading challenge. – Rushabh Mundada, CA

ReadARs who completed 100 Days of Reading Challenge

This was the most interesting challenge I came across.. most of the articles were really interesting n was happy to know more about the topics I was till now ignorant. Glad to say now I have lot of things to share 🙂 – Anjali, Artist

I took up the reading challenge to push myself to read more. I ended up starting and finishing a book during the challenge- so it’s definitely helped me. I loved the variety of articles Aniket has- it’s increased my knowledge and feels great to know someone like me who can read anything on the internet. Overall, was a worthy investment 🙂 – Mrugnayani, IT, Wipro

I just want you to know that this reading challenge has been the best experience so far. This reading challenge has given me something that I thought was lost. A big thank you!!! I have gained the momentum and let me tell something from the day I started this challenge I have read 7 novels till today which in itself is a great achievement for me in 2019. – Rejita Panikar, CA

It has helped me improve my reading skills which is quite evident from my competitive CAT exam scores and also helped me gain knowledge on various subjects. Inspite of not having read many books from childhood I have completed 6 books in 3 months time. Thanks to this initiative for helping and constantly motivating us to read with regular reminders. 🙂
Abhishek Kumar, IIM Raipur

ReadARs who completed 50 Days of Reading Challenge

It was a mind-boggling experience. It turned me into an avid reader where I reclaimed my long lost habit of reading. This is something that everyone should experience. Good for all ages and helps in self-improvement and life motivation. Thank You Aniket for all your efforts. All the best for your venture. – Abhineet, Founder of Robospecies Tech Pvt Ltd.

Loved the Daily Reading Challenge. We read but so many times it happens that if we get too busy or are not in a mood or are lazy we may then not read, which isn’t a good habit, hence this challenge was a superb one to have reading activities daily + have a strike if you don’t read the same day. The articles too were quite interesting, loved it. – Sagar Agarwal, Coach & Author

The daily reading challenge indeed inspired me to revisit my long lost habit of reading. Everyday it was so fascinating tho look forward to read something entirely new an untouched topic or piece of work which otherwise I would not have skimmed through. I am really grateful to have taken up this and which to continue with my newfound love for reading. – Kashish Pahwa

I am a person who loves to read and wants to read as many books I want but sometimes I didn’t get that rhythm while reading, I always wanted to create that because if you are not understanding what your reading I think that is not helpful to us anymore. Then I started reading storybooks then I switched to the self-help books. Now I am reading every book it take time to read me one book but I complete it properly. I also like this concept of reading one large or small article daily, actually, it’s helpful because when we woke up we usually search our mobile phone first, then we find the regular article coming to the only thing we have to do is to read-only, I think it’s best. Also, regular reading helps us to enhance our reading skills. I personally like this idea of daily reading. – Retika Kher, IT, Infosys