How I dealt with Covid in 2021 & how you can too.

First thing first – Why am I writing this article.

As the rising number of Covid cases take country by the storm in this third wave, some of the ReadARs have pinged me to mention that they are not feeling well. For some their reports have come out to be as Covid +ve.

The One Thing I want all of you to remember is – Don’t Panic.

While I am not medically qualified nor am I an expert to share what you should do or not. I am only borrowing a page out of my own experience with Covid to share what you can do –

  • Stage 1 – When isolation helps you.
  • Drop me a message that you’re not feeling well.
  • Don’t force yourself to read the book/article.
    Focus on your recovery first & foremost.
    Health is all that matters. Eat. Rest. Sleep. Repeat.
  • Stay in touch with your doctor and update them about your conditions on timely basis. If the doctor is not a familiar one and has prescribed too many medicines, get a 2nd check with another doc.
    I had two doctors who I was in regular contact with.
  • Routinely check your blood oxygen levels with the Oxymeter. Keep your family members updated about how you are feeling. This will get their nerves to calm down.
  • Stay away from Phone for the rest of the times. Eat. Sleep. Repeat
  • Once you start feeling better after first few days of isolation, this is when the tricky part begins.
  • Stage 2 – When isolation doesn’t help you.
  • You will start feeling better as the common ailments might have gone & you would feel less fatigued. Unfortunately the isolation period will continue for the greater good of your family. This is when things get tricky.
  • Now don’t get sucked up by your phone. The four walls of the room will make you anxious which might drive you to spend a lot of time on your phone, chatting with friends on WA or in scrolling endlessly on time consuming apps which will ultimately impact your recovery.
  • You can avoid that by – Reading the book you were supposed to before Covid happened. If you are not able to, re-read any of the book you liked earlier in the program. It will bring back happy memories.
  • If you can’t avoid your phone, use it with purpose. Read the articles that you read earlier OR Record your thoughts/experience on Camera in Video or on Audio.
    I made around 4 reels just to keep my mind occupied.

I am sharing my experience of how I dealt with Covid and you can choose to deal with it the same way or not. Do what suits you. But whichever way you decide to, remember – Don’t Panic.

My Experience (Read further only if you can)

It was the day after Holi, 30th March 2021. Nikita & I were returning from a wellness resort after spending the festive occasion with our friends in the surroundings of the mother nature.
(In hindsight – it was a bad idea LOL😅)

While I was driving, I noticed that I was sweating more than usual, despite the AC of the car being on. Once we reached our home, I sat on the chair and in no time, my head started spinning. Something was wrong and I had no idea what.

I woke up and had caught strong fever. Suspecting the worst, I went to the testing centre and got Rapid Test done & was declared +ve.

My RT-PCR report came the next day, on 1st April as Covid +ve. Thus began my 14 days of room isolation, on the fools day! 🤬

I took the following with me in my room isolation-

  • Books that ReadARs were reading.
  • Books that I was Reading
  • My journal & laptop
  • And even my study desk which I transferred to isolation room.

I couldn’t let my ailments impact the reading momentum of any of my ReadARs, but I made some adjustments. Some of you might recall this announcement I had made.

But heck room isolation takes its toll. You can only stare the walls.

First three days were marked by fever, headaches and fatigue. I didn’t read in any of these. Heck! I didn’t even focus on books as I wanted to recover first.

When I was feeling better, I decided to read books instead of getting into Whatsapp and letting my anxiety compound. And when I was done with books, I began recording Instagram Reels. Funny as it may sound – that was the only period I made Instagram Reels!

Quarantine got over and 8 months have come to pass by. As the country is gripped by the third wave, all I can say – Don’t Panic.

And if nothing that I have shared above works – Ping me or Call me. And as always, I will try my best to help you cope.

Stay Strong, Recover Stronger.


Smart compilation of the must-read articles on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Are you tired of the Fearmongering Whatsapp Forwards & News channels peddling Fear & Paranoia about COVID-19 all around you?
Perhaps before you read any further, you need to switch them all OFF. And please do the same for your parents/grandparents.

In this era of widespread video consumption, reading about something this serious has taken a backseat. And that’s not the good thing since it has allowed “disinformation” to go viral.

And precisely why it has become hard to discern the actual impact, especially since social media is mixing facts with fiction. This is a dangerous cocktail as a result of which information in the form of articles, research, commentary, and videos that come from experts – is getting lost in translation.

Talking about experts, I am not talking about arm-chair analysts who have an opinion about everything in this universe. These experts are scientists, immunologists, viral disease researchers; ones who have dedicated their entire careers for something like this. And for that matter, I am not expert either (except when it comes to reading & helping others rediscover their love for reading)

Therefore I have decided to compile this list of BRILLIANT go-to articles across the world that have got all the essential information for you to be “Informed” without being driven into a state of Panic. I believe that, if you read through the smart stuff, you will come to appropriate, fact-based conclusions about whether you would prefer to take basic measures & keep your calm OR become paranoid.

If you are into stats; then look no further than these realtime dashboards being maintained by the John Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE)

Realtime Visual Dashboards (Mobile Version)

Realtime Visual Dashboards (Desktop Version)

About COVID-19

Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now

This article has simply gone viral with more than 28 million views in over a week! An absolute go-to primer on the entire subject with smashingly good data visualisations.

Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus

The ready reckoner of all things Corona (not the beer!)

Why ‘flattening the curve’ may be the world’s best bet to slow the coronavirus

This brilliant concept has become the “go-to” phrase in the fight against COVID-19. If you haven’t adopted social distancing yet, I hope this article makes you think about it long enough for you to implement it by yourselves instead of waiting for the government/company to impose it on you.

Cancel Everything

If by any remote chance, you were being puzzled why ‘everyone’s cancelling everything’; this article will help you understand why. It’s an extension to the idea of social-distancing mooted in the article above. Make sure you read that one first before this one.

Why 1918 matters in India’s corona war

The world is panic-stricken & for rightful reasons. India has so far done a lot in sageguarding itself. However many of the citizens are are still defiant about the threat & ramifications of such pandemics. This article is one that’s surely going to help you understand why we really to need to up the ante.

‘Over-reacting is better than non-reacting’

And if you are still being overtly skeptical as to why its much better idea to over-react now than when its too late; well then let this post by the WEF (World Economic Forum) enlighten you.
Also Nassim Nicholas Taleb – the author of Black Swan – has a peach of a quote – “If you have to panic, panic early”

Zero Trust Information

Wanna know what happens when disinformation outlasts information. Read no further than this brilliant analytical article.
P.S – Start reading from “The Implication of More Information” section as otherwise this article will be too technical for a majority of readers.

If you are working remotely; or are planning to…

11 Best Practices for Working Remotely

This is fast turning out to be my reference guide in order to deal with the “sounds easy but turns out to be insanely difficult” task of working remotely. If you have had WFH imposed on you by your organisation, or if you are ahead of the curve and on self-imposed WFH; please go through this brilliant article.

Working in a coronavirus world: Strategies and tools for staying productive

This is from one of favorite technical know-how websites. Some rare mentions worth trying out. Remember – Humankind will come out fine post this coronavirus frenzy – and along with yet another wave of disruption!

Well by no means that this list is exhaustive but as and when I come across something more brilliant, I will keep appending into this list further.

If you believe that this was a worthy compilation, feel free to share it with your near & dear ones.

Don’t forget –
1. Share “information” ASAP; much before disinformation creeps into the inbox of your loved ones.
2. Stay Calm & Be Informed rather than be panic-stricken
3. Maintain social distance; & wash your hands leisurely, as much as you can.